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Research Laboratories, Inc. is a full service petroleum fuel analysis facility specializing in the testing of distillate fuels.   We offer fuel analysis on diesel, gasoline, biodiesel and other distillate fuels.  ‘State-of-the-art’ testing equipment following ASTM International specifications when applicable are used by our highly trained and educated staff to obtain accurate results.  A portion of the tests available are:

#2 Diesel:
  • HFRR (Lubricity) ASTM D6079
  • Sulfur Content ASTM D5453
  • CFPP ASTM D6371
  • Cloud Point ASTM D5771 
  • Pour Point ASTM D97 
  • Water by Karl Fischer ASTM D6304
  • Summer Fuel Analysis Package
  • Winter Fuel Analysis Package
  • Fuel Monitoring ProgramTM
  • Distillation ASTM D86
  • Sulfur Content ASTM D5453
  • Reid Vapor Pressure ASTM D5191
  • Water by Karl Fischer ASTM D6304
  • Aviation Gasoline Analysis Package
  • Automobile Gasoline Analysis Package
  • Kero Summer Fuel Analysis Package
  • Kero Winter Fuel Analysis Package
  • Aviation Turbine Fuel Analysis Package
  • Flash Point D93 PMCC
  • Specification Testing D6751

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News & Events
06/22/2015 -
Happy 4th of July
Research Laboratories, Inc will be closed in celebration of the 4th of July the week of July 6th, 2015. We will reopen on July 13th, 2015. Please be aware that NO LAB TESTING will be performed during this time. All samples sent for testing and received after 07/02/15 will likely NOT be completed until after 07/13/15. Thank you! Have a safe and blessed Independence Day!
03/12/2015 -
KEEPING YOUR STORED FUEL EMERGENCY READY -Preventative Maintenance For Your Stored Fuel
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