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Exclusive Cold Room Chamber 05/06/2013
Category: General
Author: JP
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Exclusive Cold Room Chamber
Provides Invaluable "Real World" Evaluation of Diesel Fuel Winterization
   Cold Room Chamber                                                                 Test Cart

    Research Laboratories® has designed and developed a unique in house cold room and equipment that uses OEM vehicle fuel pumps and fuel filters to verify the winter operability of diesel fuels and biodiesel blends.  The cold room chamber is capable of reaching temperatures of minus 30 degrees F enabling Research Laboratories® to perform real world cold weather operability performance tests under extreme and adverse operating conditions.
    Cold Room testing is conducted over 24 hours beginning at room temperature (65 F) and the temperature is lowered at 9 degrees F per hour to simulate diesel fuel in an overnight cold weather situation of dropping temperatures.  The first test (16 hours after beginning the test) is normally run at 1 to 2 degrees F below the Cloud Point of the diesel fuel and subsequent tests are typically run at 3 to 5 degree F increments lower.  Two and one half gallons of diesel fuel is used for each pump and filter combination.  Diesel fuel is not re-circulated to prevent agitation and possible warming of the fuels.   Fuel filter sizes used are 10 um (microns), 7 um, and 2/5 um and four to five tests are ran on each fuel tested.

    Fuels are monitored for temperature, filter pressure, fuel flow volume and time.  Failure temperature is determined at the first pressure on the fuel filter inlet gauge, a point that indicates difficulty getting diesel fuel to flow through the fuel filter. 

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