It is Never too Late (or too Early) to Prepare for Winter

No one enjoys thinking about it, but cold weather is coming. Fuel tanks, whether for bulk storage, emergency generators, or in equipment stored outside year-round need to be prepared for inclement weather. You give your mechanical equipment regular maintenance to keep it in running order, but do you really know how well prepared your fuel is?
After the temperature drops below freezing can be too late to correct fuel quality and winterization issues when engines or generators refuse to start.
Research Laboratories, Inc can test your fuel for its quality and condition to give you piece of mind that it is within ASTM specification. When a problem is identified, our techs can provide assistance with suggestions for corrective steps and measures to be taken to preserve or enhance fuel performance.
Contact us at 260-489-2551 to discuss our spring and fall testing programs. We can also accommodate sampling requests year round and will gladly accept your own sample submissions for testing. Be sure to call for scheduling and current pricing.