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About Us
    Research Laboratories, Inc. was opened for business on June 22, 1984 on the northwest side of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Research Laboratories, Inc. is a full service petroleum fuel analysis facility specializing in the testing of distillate fuels.  All grades of distillate fuel including #2 diesel, heating oil, aviation, marine fuels, and gasoline are routinely tested.  ‘State-of-the-art’ testing equipment following ASTM International specifications when applicable are used by our highly trained and educated staff to obtain accurate results.  When necessary contracted outside laboratories are utilized to further expand and verify our testing capabilities.

    Research Laboratories, Inc. works with diesel fuel additive suppliers in the verification testing of their performance enhancing products.  Testing is done on various diesel fuels without additive products to provide a base line to judge any improvements.  Testing is then done to additive suppliers’ specifications with various rates of additives to the base fuels so performance improvements can be verified and reported.
     Winterization testing of products for diesel fuels are verified in our exclusive cold room chamber
to evaluate real world performance under extreme operating conditions.  Uniquely designed equipment using actual fuel filtering methods and tests have been developed to simulate real world fuel flow and filter plugging to temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.  
Base fuel w/additve at
room temp.
Base fuel w/addditve from
Cold Room. 
Base fuel w/two additives from
Cold Room.
     Our Fuel Monitoring ProgramTM was specifically developed for stored diesel fuel.  This analysis program is typically used for emergency generator stored diesel fuel but can be used where diesel fuel is stored in tanks for any length of time.  If desired, our trained staff with specialized test equipment will come to your site to accurately capture middle and bottom diesel fuel samples from emergency generator diesel fuel tanks.  Samples will then be transported to our laboratory where testing includes:  Cetane Index, Flash Point, Carbon Residue, Sulfur Content, Distillation IBP-EP, Viscosity in SuS and cSt, API Gravity, Water by Karl Fischer, Sediment, Ash Content, BTU per Gallon, BTU per Pound, Stability Testing, Particulate Contamination, Microbial, Density, and Specific Gravity.  In addition to this testing we provide the Particulate Contamination and Microbial testing data on bottom samples as part of the Program.   

Diesel Fuel tank bottom samples showing water and microbial growth.

     As part of the Fuel Monitoring ProgramTM we offer personal assistance to every client. We work hard to educate users and provide technical answers regarding precisely what each test means for their stored fuel through a detailed fuel review. Recommendations for corrective action are included.
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